Mirror World


Mystic Thinking: Horoscope 2012 predict your future
for the coming year in a time when economic and 
socio-political realities seem very uncertain indeed.
Each month is a re-appropriation and re-interpretation
of a famous philosopher/theorist or politician born 
under the given Zodiac sign.


Ultimo Mundo Universal is an ongoing publication project.

The name "Ultimo Mundo Universal" comprises the names
 and logos of three major Venezuelan news papers. 

The first edition was constructed from extracts of pre-existing news,headlines,commissioned articles and re-appropriated images. By re-contextualizing these source materials, the information becomes fragmented and displaced, allowing new possibilities of reading and the re-circulation of specific news.
Ultimo Mundo Universal was published in March 2010 in Caracas, Venezuela and was sold in several kiosks and locations across the country for the equivalent price of a regular daily. 
The sales money was kept by the vendor as an incentive 
to maintain the distribution.




NEWS EXTRA is a series of publications entirely built on the waste and surplus printed material produced by the first edition of Ultimo Mundo Universal.

News and content are erased by its own process of production, resulting in an abstract and saturated sequence of unique images. The graphic and textual elements repeat from one sheet to another, fading each time, and this failure of reproducibility becomes key.

Último Mundo